"A" - 13" Letter


White background, pink and purple polka dots, wire rimmed, purple chevron glitter ribbon.  

All letters available. Please send us a message if you desire letter with another pattern.  Price subject to change depending on design desired.  

Each piece is hand cut by us.  A base coat of wood bonding primer is first applied to the front and back of every piece.  The main color is an exterior paint while the details are done in acrylic paint.  When the piece is complete, we paint it with a spar urethane clear, protective coat; two coats, front and back.   We screw eyelets into the wood so that it can be hung with wire.  

For more pictures and other items from Broad Strokes Louisville, visit us on Facebook at Broad Strokes Louisville, our website at www.broadstrokeslouisville.com, or contact us at broadstrokeslouisville@gmail.com.

If you are in the Louisville area, you can find our decor at "A Splash of Color", located in the Plainview shopping center, next to Kroger.  Pick-up on local orders also available. Message us for details!